Hello, I'm Diogo

I’ve been doing Product Design for almost 10 years.

I have a passion for elegant, functional, and disruptive products that have the potential to improve people’s life.

I worked with some amazing companies out here like Google, Microsoft & Spotify.

Some cool facts


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The collaborative Music Software that will allow us to play with other musicians from all over the world.

Store of the future

Concept building with the company with the goal of improving the way our clients get new integrations.

Google Integration

Work made for Google that allows the user to connect the two services (Gmail and 8x8 work app).


Service that allows supervisors to monitor the team activities from queues to agents performance.

MC Studio

Get some of my digital art pieces, where I explore concepts around emotions, exclusively in Society6.

Design Principles

Creation of the Design Principles that allowed Feedzai to design consistent experiences in all products.

Design System

Work developed with designers of the company to build the Foundations, Components, among others.

Leaf Eat

A Marketplace where people are able to buy products like fruits and vegetables from local producers.

The Anti Dogma

Everybody talks about successful companies, but what about the thousand of unsuccessful ones?

Nespresso - What More?!

Coffee is the thing that makes me get out of bed by the morning. Wish I could say the same about the app.

Waynbo App

A mobile app built for the African market, prepared for all kinds of offline operations.

The Musician website

Gonçalo is one of the best Portuguese musicians that studies in one of the finest music universities in the world.

Sporting CP App Redesign

Ficcional iOS App Redesign, Interaction and creation of new features for the Portuguese club, Sporting Clube de Portugal.

Ashtray iOS App

The app combines and incentives the usage healthy habits like healthy food and sports in order to achieve the ultimate goal: stop smoking.

Google Search Redesign

Redesign of the Search Interaction and usage of Material Design.

Google Maps Exploration

App adaption test to user condition, such as: Environment, weather, etc.

Performetric Desktop App

The Desktop App was made for the end user to have full awareness of it’s fatigue.

Performetric Web App

The Web App was made for the team leader to have full awareness of the team’s fatigue.

What others say

Ioana Boeriu

Associate Product Designer @ 8x8

“I have had the incredible opportunity of being both an intern and fully employed at 8x8, with Diogo as my mentor for about 3-4 months, and I can't express how grateful I am for the experience. Diogo consistently showed a genuine interest in my growth and development, and I knew that I could always count on him to provide guidance and support. He was very patient with me and ensured I understood the assignments, making me feel confident in my journey. His mentorship has been an invaluable asset to my personal and professional growth, and I can’t thank him enough for his dedication and support. I can truly say that Diogo is not just a mentor but a role model. I am fortunate to still have him as my guide because every day I learn something new from him that brings a lot of value to my career as a Product Designer.”

Nov 2023

Vlad Derdeicea

Product Design Manager @ 8x8

“I had the privilege of hiring Diogo onto our team, and from day one, he made a significant impact. His UI skills are unparalleled, and I always had complete trust in his design expertise. Diogo not only excelled in creating stunning interfaces but also consistently demonstrated a willingness to help the team improve.I can confidently say that Diogo is a valuable asset who will continue to contribute positively to the team's success. His dedication and talent are undeniable, making him an outstanding choice for any future endeavors.”

Oct 2023

João Coelho

Product Manager @ VWDS

“Since I've known Diogo and worked with him, I've been able to count on a well-executed job, with attention to detail, good research practices, a design thinking approach, and the use of collaborative tools throughout the process.I recommend Diogo's work, which demonstrates experience and a critical sense of facing the exposed problems. In short, Diogo manages to come up with a well-thought-out and designed solution to overcome the problem in hands.”

Nov 2021

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